Introduction to Engagement Marketing

Whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not, your customers are talking about your business on the internet and off the internet. What these customers are talking and sharing are their feelings about your business. Lucky for you, you control how they feel about your business by providing them with exceptional service. Question is … is every single of your customer receiving extraordinary service or just a random few?

What is Engagement Marketing?

Engagement Marketing is about turning your current customers into marketing agents who will directly or indirectly bring in new customers for you.

Why are we so focused on Engagement Marketing?

According to Gail Goodman’s book Engagement Marketing: How Small Business Wins in a Socially Connected World, 83% of Small Businesses said that their main source of new business was through Referrals. Despite that, most small businesses are continually focused on and spending money to acquire new clients through campaigns, strategies and what not. Engagement Marketing enables businesses to focus on their current clients and turn those clients into marketing agents who in-turn brings in new business knowingly or unknowingly.

In addition to that, we also believe that Engagement Marketing provides the best ROI for a Small Businesses’ Marketing dollars.

How Does Engagement Marketing Work?

Engagement Marketing begins right from the time, the client is first contacted and continues at every stage until after the transaction is complete.

Engagement Marketing is a three-step cycle.

  1. Step one is about providing extraordinary service to your current customers.
  2. Step two is to entice them to stay in touch with you. There are specific processes you can put in place to achieve this.
  3. Step three is to provide them a platform to talk about your business. That would be your social media channels.

Once the conversations begin, new customers will find their way into your business without you doing much. Your job is simply to provide the best customer service you possibly can and keep conversations going online.

What are the Benefits of Engagement Marketing?

  • Every customer received extra-ordinary service.
  • Every customer becomes a raving fan.
  • Your new customer acquisition cost drops dramatically.
  • New Business continues coming in regardless of whether you wanted it or not.
  • You develop personal relationships with each client.

What can Gudka Networks do to help?

We can turn your business into a self-generating referral machine by helping you:

  • Improve your customer experience
  • Turn your website into a REAL sales and marketing tool
  • Develop avenues for your customers to interact with each other as well as you.

If you would like to discuss more regarding engagement marketing, please call (978) 764-2279 or send an email to

Author: Mayur Gudka

President and CEO of Gudka Networks LLC.

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