Better Customer Acquisition Strategy: Hunting or Growing?

Many centuries ago (before there were market places), there were two ways people acquired their daily food. One could either hunt their food or grow their food. Business owners do the same thing today. Some hunt their customers using direct marketing techniques and others grow their customers using content marketing.

What’s the difference between Direct Marketing and Content Marketing?

Direct Marketing

  • The results are instant.
  • You need a significantly large marketing budget.
  • The effect of your marketing lasts only a short period.
  • The number of customers you receive is directly proportional to your advertising budget.

Content Marketing

  • The results can take months to produce. But, once they begin producing, they keep on coming.
  • You can market on a shoestring budget.
  • The effect of your marketing efforts is everlasting.
  • Library of content built overtime gives you a significant edge and benefits with search engines.
  • In due time, number of customers increase and marketing cost decreases.

Is one better than the other?

I’m not telling that you should be doing one and not the other. Both of them are needed at different times in your business life. In the beginning, when you have no customers or revenue … you need to be a hunter and use direct marketing techniques to get some fast cash to get your business going. But at the same time, you need to think like a farmer. A farmer does all the work in Spring but does not see the results until Fall. But, the crop he gets lasts him throughout the year and more. Content marketing works the same way. You need to start investing in content creation and building a content library today. So, a year or so down the line, it can start producing results.

Here’s what you need to do next?

  • Identify what content can you create. It cannot be about you or your company. It needs to be about your customers. Here are some questions and ideas to help you think more about it.
    • What questions do your customers ask you all the time?
    • How are your products changing your customers lives?
    • Do you have any testimonials from your customers?
    • Are there any major events happening that can benefit from using your product?
    • Offer your services to a celebrity (in a humorous way) for FREE
  • Start creating content. Your content can be in any form you desire and are comfortable creating. It can be an article, a blog, a video, a live video, an audio podcast, a PowerPoint presentation or even an infographic.
  • There is a content channel available for every piece of content you create. Host it across the web on an appropriate content channel.
    • Articles on your own blog or SlideShare,net
    • Videos on YouTube or Vimeo
    • Audio on iTunes, SoundCloud and Stitcher
    • PowerPoint presentation on
  • Lastly, amplify your content to your fans and followers using social media channels.

For any questions you might have about direct marketing or content marketing call (978) 764-2279 or send an email at

Some final words … Incorporating content marketing in your customer acquisition plan takes patience and courage. Not everyone can do it. Those who do enjoy its immense benefits. Those who don’t … oh well. The real question is, can you? Will you?

Good Luck!

Author: Mayur Gudka

President and CEO of Gudka Networks LLC.

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